Ray Lamphier

Billings, MT | 

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What made you want to become a graphic designer?

“I thought that art skills and computer skills combined might make for good graphic design. I have always been talented in both areas.”

What are your favorite aspects of being a designer?

“I like using graphic design to make people laugh, specifically with animation.”

Do you think school has helped prepare you for entering the real world?

“I liked thesis more than any of the other classes, so I think for me in particular it was more beneficial. I kind of like to do my own thing when it comes to graphic design, and all the other classes aren’t about that. I like the possibility of being more independent.”

How would you describe your process when working on a project?

“Depends on the project. If it’s somebody else’s project, I’ll research it a lot; if it’s my own project, I just kind of wing it. I like to know what I’m dealing with and making sure that if I say something it’s actually right, instead of just making up a bunch of stuff.”

Would you say that you have a personal design "style" in your work?

“South Park-meets-Adult Swim. My thesis has definitely helped me develop my personal style a little more.”

For designers, do you believe it's more important to work on projects you're passionate about or take whatever work is available?

“I can work with people, even if they're unpleasant. Depends on what pays more, more or less. If they stick me in a three-by-three cubicle and pay me enough, I’m happy with that. Most of the time, if I have pinball on my computer, that’s good enough for me-- I clean people’s toilets right now, so I’m not too picky.”

The graphic design industry is doing more digitally-based work these days: are you excited about the evolution of design, or do you like more traditional mediums?

“It’s good for me. I’ve got a pretty good beat on Dreamweaver and Flash-- in fact, that’s the only way I can get a job in the future. I’m not good at the design part, personally. I'm much better at the technical portion of it. If I could combine that into some kind of form that makes people laugh, then I would do that.”

Do you have any favorite designers, artists, or resources you like to get inspiration from?

“Keegan Bowen. Just kidding-- I don’t pay attention to people for inspiration. There was this one lady, but I forgot her name. I like Adult Swim: it’s very inspirational. I love a lot of different animated cartoon shows, online animations, and video games. I like The Oatmeal: I don’t think graphic design should be boring at all. But I guess for the right money it can be boring.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I don't really know yet. Probably try to get a graphic design job around Bozeman first, and if that doesn't work I'll move to California, where I will likely go back to school for animation. But who knows?”

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